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Thank you for visiting this website and for your interest in who we are, or better yet, who is behind the material, articles and opinions published through this site. I need to tell you all that this is a personal project I had in mind for a long time. My story as a Christian is very simple. If you have read stories of individuals coming to know Jesus Christ after a profound and devastating situation or after years and years in the drug business or any other dramatic avenue, that is not my case. I do not remember a day in my life not hearing the name of Jesus Christ. I did grow up in the midst of a conservative family and by tradition embracing Catholicism. At some point in time during my early years, I was a champion of religion, nevertheless never truly having a personal relationship with Jesus nor understanding the meaning of it. What I remember having was a large number of questions that never were answered by the many priests and religion teachers I had contact with. My questions were the kind of questions that caused anger, rejection or simply indifference towards my questions. Although I was honestly interested in the understanding of a number of scripture verses that did not entirely fit the explanations and/or interpretations given by the religious authorities before me, I did not got the tools nor the discipline to obtain the answers I was looking for. As time went by, my auto-exposure to scripture and my personal time in contact with the many subjects regarding a healthy life of a Christian increased. Some of the questions of my younger years now I have discovered and someday years ago, I finally got in a wonderful personal connection with Jesus Christ. My personal interest in all this is equally simple. I want to offer all who want to read my writings some light around the very same questions I had decades ago and that may cause confusion or even worse, to embrace false doctrines and a tabloid theology. I consider myself a Christian individual, a social conservative proponent of family traditions and embracing the fundamental components of the Protestantism. I encourage you to offer your opinion and constructive comments in regards to the items and articles I am publishing throughout this website. Thank you, Francisco Chaparro