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Reasons For This Website To explain in plain language what God is telling us through Scripture without bias interpretation or denominational misleading. Because of the arrogance of men, Scripture teaching is now based on corrupt principles and commercially based intentions. We must return to a basic, corruption-free reading and to the understanding of the Word of God. From The Author I have desired for a long time to mount combat against many of the false teachings now in fashion across the Christian communities of the land. The sincere and honest Scripture reading and understanding of yesteryears is now eclipsed by commercial corruption of the hundreds of denominations and by the personal dishonesty of their masters. Many churches are now either a friendly-user Sunday musical experience or a family-run business centered on marketing principles with the main objective of attracting the masses with the intention of reaching commercial and economic gains. The Secrets of Scripture The only secret about the Bible is that there are not secrets at all. Reading, researching and understanding is the foundation to Scripture understanding. In it, we found the knowledge, the wisdom and the faith to live a productive and harmonious life under the guidance of God Almighty. BBible reading and understanding takes time, discipline and perseverance. In the field of learning we find a plethora of educational material for us to become well educated in a diverse number of fields. When it comes to a field such as biology for example we may find a series of books organized by assembling information pertaining to a given subject in chapters. When a chapter is fully mastered, one becomes well verse in that field. In the case of the Bible, all about a subject, is not find in one or two chapters but perhaps across several passages located in different books and within each book, it may be a single verse or several verses. In addition to this, one needs to pay attention to the language and to the history surrounding the central image one is studying. Have in view the fact that the bible is not a book of text, but a book of context. Taking verses out of their context guarantees a false meaning and a distortion of the Word. One isolated verse, taking out of its context may have a completely different meaning and a different value. As you mature in the Scripture, you’ll find passages offering a junction between offering interpretations of a symbol. In general you will have two main routes to follow. Either you read a symbol literally or literalistic. Take for example the book of Daniel, chapter 11. (One that has been labeled difficult and controversial). Daniel 11:40  And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over. This passage is talking about the end-times. This is the end of history; human history as we know it. In this passage the king of the south (a figure subject to a great deal of speculation today) attacks the king of the north (another figure surrounded by a great deal of discussion) with chariots, and horsemen and with ships. Here you have three things: chariots, people on horses and ships. This particular passage prophesies the future time of the time of Daniel and clearly uses symbols to describe how is that the king of the south will attack the king of the north. At the time this passage was written by Daniel he did not know of any future time weaponry. He knew chariots, people on horses and ships. Here you have your crossroads situation. Do you take this literally? This is, if this battle was to be taking place today, would you say chariots are tanks? And horsemen are our army soldiers in Humvee transport units? And would you say that ships are Airplane carriers, and destroyers and submarines? Or, do you take this literalistic. This is, the king of the south will bring chariots, people on horses and ships? If this is the avenue of your understanding, then the passage is describing a scene of a world without tanks, and humvees and destroyers. Now, due to our present technological development, a scene such as this one would need to be after a complete destruction of our present civilization. It will be a place without the complexity of our technology, a much simpler world. Do you see the difference between literal and literalistic? Scripture includes many symbols used by the human authors of the text. God is the author of the entire compendium of books, the bible, however, each individual along the centuries, described events bringing to the text the language and the tools of the day. It is our responsibility to see these many situations and passages of Scripture and to understand the message as close as the author wanted you to understand it. You will find several messaged as you read the same verses over again. This is an amazing experience and one that brings a special joy to your bible experience. One thing you and I will never achieve is a complete and full understanding of the hundreds of questions we all have, from Genesis to Revelation. In fact the walk of FAITH is precisely that, not having all answers and believe. If we have every single answer, why do we need faith at all? If in your walk through life, you find someone with all the knowledge and all the explanations, run to the mountain. That one is a FALSE teacher. Finally, a reflection that may impact the way you and I go through life. In Daniel chapter 12 (the end of the book), Daniel asked God for an explanation of the prophesy he received form God because he did not understand a bit what was God talking about. Some times this is me when reading some passages of Scripture. God said to Daniel something like “Daniel, this is not for you to understand.” Not understanding this is not a great matter at all. Finally, God says to Daniel something like “Go with your life Daniel, to the end of it and die. But dying is not the end because you will weak up at the end of time” Yes, it is true that there are hundreds of questions without answers, things we would like to know, understanding we look and research for. One true we know: We will die but death is not the end because at the end of time, we will weak up and celebrate life or something else depending on how did we live! Would this fact changes something?
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