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The following links will take you to articles I have published of different topics and subjects of Christianity. I do not write with a denominational tendency nor I represent a specific school of thinking of a given literary stream. Thank you.
What does the Scripture teach about this question? Did Jesus fulfill His own prophecy to be in His tomb for 72 hours? Are there 72 hours from late Friday to Sunday morning?
What is the meaning and what are the messages we learn from reading and understanding the Psalm 91. God’s promises for our live and our protection.
The main question we all have at some point in time in our life is this: What happens after I died? Is there life after dead or is this all there is? And if there is life after dead, the natural questions are: what kind of living is the new life? And where is the place for dead folks to go? What about these questions:?  Will I ever see my loved ones again? And where am I going after this life?
Do you trully know God? The foundation of all true knowledge of God must be a clear mental apprehension of His perfections as revealed in Holy Scripture. An unknown God can neither be trusted, served, nor worshipped. In these articles an effort has been made to set forth some of the principal perfections of the Divine character. If the reader is to truly profit from his perusal of the articles, he needs to definitely and earnestly beseech God to bless them to him, to apply His Truth to the conscience and heart, so that his life will be transformed thereby.
There are in between 33,830 to 38,000 Christian denominations in the world. Men has again destroyed that which God gave him about 2000 years ago. If Jesus comes back as He promised say next week, would Jesus have a preference or an inclination towards any of the thousand denominations of His church? In other words, would Jesus accept any of the denominations as His Church? Would Jesus eventually get back with us to congratulate us and praise us for the wonderful effort and for a well-fought battle against the Enemy defending the purity of his church? Really?
When it comes to our faith as Christians, is it fine to have a blind faith in Jesus or in Jehovah God? Is this kind of faith what Jesus expects from His followers? As one of the definitions listed above reads: Belief that is not based on proof. Is this the kind of faith you have? As Christians, we ought to experience our faith in the same way Jesus experience His faith. When Jesus walked the earth in human flesh, He possessed faith!
The "kingdom" had come because the King was here. And of course his presence signified a new world of hope for mankind. With this, the whole humanity no longer had to be subject to the empire of the death, as a result of human sin, or to the decadent government of oppressive systems. Not only this, but the kingdom of darkness, the Enemy, would be confronted and death, deprivation, disease and destruction that claimed the power of the Enemy would begin to be defeated.
There are several terms people use in their language becoming not only popular but also fashionable. This happens to every language and in all nations. In the Christian world has happened the same. Lately you can hear the term “born again” used in several ways. Now, the fundamental question is: What is a Born Again Christian?
For the last four thousand years the word “Holocaust” had a different meaning of the meaning associated with the same word today. The main question is this: What Is The Meaning of Holocaust in the Bible? Where the word “Holocaust” comes from? This is an interesting article answering these questions and a bit more.